Getting Started with R2

Choose a Certifying Body

Preparation and Training


Stage 1 Audit

Facility and Document Review

An auditor from the CB will visit the facility and conduct an inspection of the operational areas related to the R2 Standard.  The auditor will review all relevant documentation that demonstrates facility conformity to the standard. The Stage 1 Audit is the first step in the registration process.

Stage 1 Corrective Action

Stage 2 Audit

Implementation Audit

The second stage of the registration audit involves the auditor reviewing the implementation of the R2 management system. The auditor will spend considerable time interviewing key personnel of the organization, do a detailed site tour as well as ensuring that all policies and procedures have been successfully implemented onsite. The scope of the organization is also verified at this stage for the purpose of the certificate.

Stage 2 Corrective Action


Maintaining Your Certification